January To Do List;
Urgent action required by the nomination  committee for the slate of officers for our next Rotary year starting in July. Any suggestions contact Michele Taylor, Bud Garlock, or Bob Wagoner. We need to send the slate of officers into RI by end of January.
Members that haven’t paid their dues  Please. bring them to the meeting or send by mail to our Rotary Address
Alexandria Bay Rotary Club,  PO Box 186,  Alexandria Bay, NY 13607.
Mark down Feb 6th   We will change our regular meeting to the school for the evening, to show our support for Dick Champany. We will be serving at the Winter Carnival Roast Beef Dinner being held Alexandria Central School time, 4:30pm  till 7pm or finished. For full calendar  of events for winter carnival events please  visit the Chamber of commerce web site for the complete schedule of events. Alexandria Bay Rotary is sponsoring the Winter Carnival with Dick Champany.
Rotarians we are looking for suggestion for Wed night programs, meetings, guest speakers, please share  your ideas with us. Also seeking new prospective members.
If you have any thoughts for our fund raising and programs we support for this upcoming rotary year, please let us know. You don’t have to be in Alexandria Bay to help, with your input.  In this electronic age suggestions, are a key stroke or call away,  as we value your ideas, we will be reevaluating past fund raisers.
Keeping  up to date keep your eyes on our Rotary Web Page In the search bar type,  { abayrotary.com }
Thanks for your Rotary service
Sec. Roger


Candace Charlebois,  President Michele Taylor,  Secretary & Treasurer Roger Harris

Candace Charlebois is inducted as a new member for Alexandria Bay Rotary Club.  Michele Taylor, President, and Roger Harris, secretary, officiated at the ceremony. We are delighted to welcome Candy to our club.